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Paranormal Tech: Spirit Box

The Spirit Box. That noisy radio transmitter that some of us ghost seekers use in an attempt to pick up spirit voices. We thought this would be a great piece of technology to talk about because there are some misconceived ideas about how it works.

The idea of using white noise to allow spirits to speak began with Dr. Konstantins from 1940 to 1974 and his experiments where the original EVP was discovered. It is believed that spirits need energy in order to reach through what is believed to be the spirit realm. With the EVP it was believed spirits used the internal sound of the recorder to put their sound on a digital tape/recorder. It is true that a spirit can create a disembodied voice without this noise, but with it, it is a lot clearer and easier to hear or create.

Now, here is why the Spirit Box also comes along with some misconceived ideas. Most people, when using it, do not know how to use it. When using the Spirit Box, most people spiritbox02will, in a way, treat it like a live EVP recorder. However, expecting a direct answer to come through the Spirit Box after asking a question is far fetched. The Spirit Box is picking up and sifting through different radio signals, so small bits of words will be picked up that cannot be proven to be from the spirit realm.

That being said the Spirit Box is alright to use for investigations and we even use it, but it requires a lot of practice for us to decipher what is spirit and what is not. Even then, we have to keep in mind that there is always be a possibility that we picked up a radio station instead of a spirit. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some work better than others, so make sure you do your research on your Spirit Box before purchasing.

Please also check out this amazing video by HuffParanormal here. He goes over a lot more on the Spirit Box and how he uses it to simply generate energy and picks up the disembodied voice with his EVP recorder while the Spirit Box is running. He also links to one of his friend’s websites where he has a lot more information Spirit Box’s and their usage here.


Information Gathered From SimplyGhost

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