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Paranormal Explanation: What is a Residual Haunting?

If you are an active Paranormal Groupie, you have probably heard of the term, “residual haunting”, but what does it mean?

According to one theory or the traditional approach, a residual haunting is suggesting that a spirit duplicates an action continuously like a broken record because fragmented energy is imprinted in the surrounding area. This is a great thought but scientifically, it doesn’t make much sense. Instead, The International Ghost Hunting Society (IGHS) had a different, more scientifically plausible way of explaining this type of a haunting.

First, we have to understand a Space-Time Event Anomaly. To understand this, imagine a timeline running from left to right, the past is on the left and the future is on the right. Residual-Haunting.jpgWith this, we can represent each event in our lives as a single space-time event. Now, if this space-time event has a significant emotional impact such as traumatic death, space-time becomes frozen for a moment and the event will replay itself until it un-freezes. Why freeze? Well, the IGHS says that when a person dies, the intelligence, the emotions, the attitudes developed during mortal life stays with the spirit after the death of the physical body. So, the strong emotional feelings are a form of energy embedded within the spirit and the spirit will reenact this until that negative energy is gone.

Some others may suggest that it is not a spirit at all who is trapped in this cycle, but simply the energy that was formed in the event itself, almost like a time marker. There are many other plausible reasonings but it is still in the works of theory. However, odds are, if there is clear evidence that there is some paranormal energy but no intelligent response, or, if you get a response by a spirit saying they don’t know they are dead, you may be experiencing a residual haunting. As Paranormal Groupies it’s our job to figure out why these phenomena happen and how to better assess the situation. What we suggest is that if you find you are in the possible presence of a residual haunting is to let the spirit know that it is okay to move on and to offer prayers of any kind. These hauntings are not malicious and need more love and attention than anything.


4 thoughts on “Paranormal Explanation: What is a Residual Haunting?”

    1. That is a good question! With areas such as you mentioned; old asylums or prisons, there is most likely to be residual haunting. The reason we believe this is because most residual haunting corelate with negative activity. To approach this we will always first try to ask questions in hope of an intellectual response. If that is not received but we get an odd response not related to our question we will then ask if the spirit has been there for a while and why. If we think it is okay, we will encourage the spirit to find the light.

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