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Paranormal Explanations: Are Ouija Boards Okay to Use?

Ouija Boards, a debate amongst many paranormal investigators. Some claim that it is not safe or okay to use while others say that it is completely fine. To start off this conversation, let’s explore the history of Ouija Boards.

The Ouija Boards were first used in the late 1840’s along with the ideas of Spiritualism and were mostly used by acclaimed mediums. Mediums at this time would use certainseancebw.jpg methods of communicating with spirits such as table turning or knocking on the floor in response to letters called in the alphabet. Both of these methods were complicated and took a long time to follow through with. The other method they used was planchettes, which were heart-shaped devices with two wheels at one end and a pencil at the other. The spirits would then guide this device and write their message. However, they found it much more useful to point to already written letters, thus paving the way of the Ouija Board. (MentalFloss)

The New York Daily Tribune in 1886 reported on “the new talking board” used in Ohio. This would be the first development of the classic Ouija Board we know today. It was so easy to develop on one’s own time. The idea became very popular, and so in 1890 Elija Bond, Charles Kennard, and William H.A. Maupin turned the “talking board” into a toy. Since then the Ouija Board has been a staple of scary movies in Hollywood, and creepy stories to tell at slumber parties or gatherings around a campfire. (MentalFloss)


Many people now wonder if an Ouija Board is even safe to use. Does it open a portal that shouldn’t be messed with? Does it attract malevolent spirits? While we can’t have a definitive answer for most of these questions, we can very well attempt to give some theories.

David Oester from the Internation Ghost Hunters Society is against using the Ouija Board. He, like many other ghost seekers, believe it is an unprofessional use of technology for investigations. He is also in the belief that it can be dangerous to use a device such as this without knowing how to properly operate it. By calling out for spirits to come into a space, if one does not know how to close a portal, those spirits who did not belong there in the first place could stay. That being said, it may be okay to use if the person operating it knows how to close the opened portal.

As a Ghost Seeker, I personally believe this. Using an Ouija Board on an investigation has too many odds against it, and in an already haunted space without knowing what is haunting the area yet, it can be dangerous. However, if someone wants to use the Ouija Board in a place where they know they are safe and they know how to open and close the portal or means of conversation, I think it is okay to use. However, some people may not even do this.

With this being said, there is evidence that it may not even be spirits communicating planchettewith us through the Ouija Board. It’s called the Ideomotor Effect which claims that people can move or move something without their conscious mind realizing it. The University of British Columbia ran a study on the ideomotor effect and the Ouija board in 2012. The test had a subject sit at a Ouija board with another person and answer yes or no questions. The subject was blindfolded when using the board and the partner removed their hands from the planchette. The blindfolded subject moved the planchette alone, answering questions, but felt that they were exerting no force on it at all. The subjects answered more questions correctly than when they answered the same questions verbally — they did better when they believed they weren’t in full control of the planchette. This an example of implicit — unconscious — cognition, and experiments with the Ouija board. (Nerdist)

The debate of the Ouija Board still continues but it will be up to you, Paranormal Groupies, to decide on where to take that information.


3 thoughts on “Paranormal Explanations: Are Ouija Boards Okay to Use?”

  1. If you are going to use one of these it would be far better to have someone experienced with you. You don’t know who you could be letting in. You would not let a stranger into your home in real life would you so why a spirit?


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