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Paranormal Tech: Paranormal Apps

We are living in the 21st century Paranormal Groupies, and if there is one multiverse tool that we use for almost all things, that is our smartphones. Today I am going to be exploring Paranormal Apps for your phone and if they actually work or not.

I took a strong interest in this after discovering Huff Paranormal. I started watching his videos after doing research for the Spirit Box on a previous blog (read here). Steve Huff invented his own Wonder Box which works like a Spirit Box but eliminates all that static that one is usually used to. He also has out his device called The Portal which works in a similar sense. As I kept watching his videos I realized he was using one of his own apps called SCD-1. How does it work? Again, similar to a Spirit Box. It shifts through Internet radio stations to create that white noise and energy for spirits to come through.


After seeing all of this working with his videos, I became more intrigued with ghost hunting apps and if they are worth it. There is one thing to get out of the way first. Some of these ghost hunting apps or most of them for that matter are absolute bull. How do I know? I downloaded a few of them free and went to a location (my home) where I knew there were absolutely no hauntings. Even though my home has no hauntings a lot of the apps just started saying words that had no context right off the bat or started to detect “spirits” around where there were none. You can’t necessarily trust everything on the market. However, there are a few that can be worth the use and here is why.

How do you know if the app is legit?

1. You may have to spare some cash.

That’s right. Things cost money for a reason. Odds are, if it’s legit, it’s going to cost you. It’ll be up to you if that is worth it not.

2. Works in similar ways to old fashioned paranormal tech.

I find that the best apps are usually the ones that work similarly to technology I’ve used before smartphones. Examples would be things like EVP recorders, thermal cameras, or spirit boxes. These are tangible pieces of technology that could easily be placed in a phone app. If it works better than the tangible object, that’s debatable. However, they are the most reliable.

3. Evidence.

The reason we search for answers in the paranormal world in the first place, evidence! We love that stuff, that’s our whole purpose! Look for the evidence with these apps. Search for videos of people using them, debunk it yourself, and research. Soon enough you will find that some of them may actually be worth it.



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