Paranormal Explanations

Paranormal Explanations: Why it’s Good to Tune in to Your Skeptic Mind

A lot of us in the Paranormal world, or interest in it, are more than enthusiastic about catching spirit evidence. We know what it’s like to have weird experiences with no other explanation, and to have the hairs on our backs stand up when nothing is there. With that being said, as a paranormal investigator myself and a skeptic, I can say that there is merit to the power of suggestion.

I support the possible existence of spirits, but I also am careful to realize that there isn’t much hard evidence on the guaranteed explanation that when some people pass away they join a spirit world and are called ghosts. In this point of my investigating career, I am apt to calling these strange experiences “paranormal” which means, out of the ordinary. However, I am not ready to say these experiences are caused by people who have passed on. Others have gotten to that point and guarantee it. And yet there are also others who are hard deniers.

As someone who investigates the paranormal, there is a need to be hopeful, but also to be critically aware when the main goal is to capture hard evidence. This is why it is always good to stay in tune with your skeptic mind.

So how do you do this? The first mistake most people make when reminding themselves of the realities is they completely cut themselves off from anything paranormal. They brush off anything that could be a strange possibility. This is not what being a skeptic is. There has to be a balance. Be aware of your surroundings and notice those small moments when you get the hair standing up on your back, but don’t be too quick to judge. The point is to document it and analyze it later. Usually when we are in the moment of an investigation, with the awareness that a place could be haunted, we are bound to think more in the way that any small movement is due to a haunting. So, document, then analyze later.

When it comes to analyzing, keep in mind what your surroundings were. Were you outside? Were you near a busy road? Could you see car lights driving by. Could it be an animal? Anything you can think of. Go through all of the different scenarios that could cause any strange movements or noises.

Technology is also a tricky thing. Technology can help a great deal in many investigative situations, however, it can also be deceiving. Camera flashes, shakiness when capturing a photo, clothes brushing up a microphone. These are very important things to consider when going over evidence.

There are plenty more things to consider, but the main point is to recognize your realities while also having the acceptance that something can be paranormal. There is a yin and yang to the paranormal investigative world, and we as ghost seekers, plan to follow that balance as best we can.


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