Our group is passionately dedicated & committed to investigation, research, education & documentation of ghostly phenomenon that we’ve recorded directly through digital audio, video & photography; in addition to our own shared personal first-hand experiences with these paranormal events.

Ghost Seekers of Central New York reaches out to people to help them better understand life after death. We are more than just a club. We are a group made up of caring & passionate members who are interested in understanding the spirit realm & what happens after death. The group wants to help dispel people’s fear of death & to demonstrate by solid audio, video & photographic evidence, along with our shared personal experiences, that there is in fact life after physical death.

If people can learn to embrace death, they can fully embrace life without fear of death, that can often inhibit people from achieving the most out of their lifetime.

Ghost Seekers of Central New York is not a religious organization. We do not in any way favor one religious interpretation of life after death over another. But, we do encourage empirical investigation, study & research of paranormal events to help better facilitate one’s own personal understanding of life after death.