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Paranormal Explanations: Why it’s Good to Tune in to Your Skeptic Mind

A lot of us in the Paranormal world, or interest in it, are more than enthusiastic about catching spirit evidence. We know what it’s like to have weird experiences with no other explanation, and to have the hairs on our backs stand up when nothing is there. With that being said, as a paranormal investigator myself and a skeptic, I can say that there is merit to the power of suggestion.

I support the possible existence of spirits, but I also am careful to realize that there isn’t much hard evidence on the guaranteed explanation that when some people pass away they join a spirit world and are called ghosts. In this point of my investigating career, I am apt to calling these strange experiences “paranormal” which means, out of the ordinary. However, I am not ready to say these experiences are caused by people who have passed on. Others have gotten to that point and guarantee it. And yet there are also others who are hard deniers.

As someone who investigates the paranormal, there is a need to be hopeful, but also to be critically aware when the main goal is to capture hard evidence. This is why it is always good to stay in tune with your skeptic mind.

So how do you do this? The first mistake most people make when reminding themselves of the realities is they completely cut themselves off from anything paranormal. They brush off anything that could be a strange possibility. This is not what being a skeptic is. There has to be a balance. Be aware of your surroundings and notice those small moments when you get the hair standing up on your back, but don’t be too quick to judge. The point is to document it and analyze it later. Usually when we are in the moment of an investigation, with the awareness that a place could be haunted, we are bound to think more in the way that any small movement is due to a haunting. So, document, then analyze later.

When it comes to analyzing, keep in mind what your surroundings were. Were you outside? Were you near a busy road? Could you see car lights driving by. Could it be an animal? Anything you can think of. Go through all of the different scenarios that could cause any strange movements or noises.

Technology is also a tricky thing. Technology can help a great deal in many investigative situations, however, it can also be deceiving. Camera flashes, shakiness when capturing a photo, clothes brushing up a microphone. These are very important things to consider when going over evidence.

There are plenty more things to consider, but the main point is to recognize your realities while also having the acceptance that something can be paranormal. There is a yin and yang to the paranormal investigative world, and we as ghost seekers, plan to follow that balance as best we can.

Paranormal Explanations

Paranormal Explanations: What it’s Like to be a Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal television shows have increased the interest in the unknown much more so and are now more accepted than ever before. However, along with this popular rise, many individuals are now showing interest in being a paranormal investigator themselves. With that being said, there have been plenty of misconceptions as to what its like to be a paranormal investigator.

We here at the Ghost Seekers of Central NY have created this blog specifically for those interested in the art of paranormal investigation. We write about paranormal tech, paranormal explanations, and go over the history of certain allegedly haunted areas. This is all to give the new in paranormal investigating a better idea of the craft. Today we would love to explain to you what it is really like to make a ghost club and get involved in a paranormal investigation.

The first thing for any paranormal investigator to think about is their “why.” Why do you want to seek the paranormal? For the Ghost Seekers of CNY, we participate in paranormal investigation as research in the unknown to discover what life means after death. For others, it may be different. You may want to participate in paranormal investigation strictly for the purpose of curiosity, and that’s okay.

The next thing to think about is if you want to associate your group with religion. For theparanormal-investigation.jpg Ghost Seekers of CNY, we participate in prayer before and after our investigation as a means of protection. Not all groups who participate in paranormal investigation will have this desire. As far as we know, every member of our investigative group is either in one sect of Christianity or believes in one higher power.

The next thing to think about is who you want in your group. For the Ghost Seekers of CNY, we have mediums, skeptics, tech-guys, a historian, writers, and a communications specialist. We like to keep our group well-rounded because we believe that differing opinions are helpful in our quest to finding out the truth. Anyone interested in starting a paranormal investigative club should be mindful of this.

paranormal-investigationThe next thing to think about is what tools are you wanting to use. Every investigator is different in what paranormal tech they think is the most trustworthy or reliable. It’ll be great to consolidate with your group on what tools you want to frequently use on an investigation. We here at the Ghost Seekers of CNY typically use digital recorders, EMF detectors, flashlights, night vision cameras, and spirit boxes.

Last but not least, what you see on television is not real life. I remember watching FBI television shows and thinking that being an FBI agent was one of the coolest things ever. It wasn’t until I took a forensics class that I realized it was incredibly dull and time-consuming. On paranormal television shows, they only show the good parts, the moments they catch a piece of evidence or get spooked. In reality, paranormal investigation is research and is time-consuming. It involves research, interviews, camera set up, and hours and hours of watching and listening to the footage. There will be sometimes when you don’t catch anything at all on an investigation. And let’s not forget mistakes! There will always be mistakes. You might get a faulty piece of equipment or one of your findings will get debunked, but this is all in the quest of science research.

If you are interested in the paranormal, we encourage you to keep it up and we welcome you to the research of paranormal investigation!

Paranormal Explanations

Paranormal Explanations: Are Ouija Boards Okay to Use?

Ouija Boards, a debate amongst many paranormal investigators. Some claim that it is not safe or okay to use while others say that it is completely fine. To start off this conversation, let’s explore the history of Ouija Boards.

The Ouija Boards were first used in the late 1840’s along with the ideas of Spiritualism and were mostly used by acclaimed mediums. Mediums at this time would use certainseancebw.jpg methods of communicating with spirits such as table turning or knocking on the floor in response to letters called in the alphabet. Both of these methods were complicated and took a long time to follow through with. The other method they used was planchettes, which were heart-shaped devices with two wheels at one end and a pencil at the other. The spirits would then guide this device and write their message. However, they found it much more useful to point to already written letters, thus paving the way of the Ouija Board. (MentalFloss)

The New York Daily Tribune in 1886 reported on “the new talking board” used in Ohio. This would be the first development of the classic Ouija Board we know today. It was so easy to develop on one’s own time. The idea became very popular, and so in 1890 Elija Bond, Charles Kennard, and William H.A. Maupin turned the “talking board” into a toy. Since then the Ouija Board has been a staple of scary movies in Hollywood, and creepy stories to tell at slumber parties or gatherings around a campfire. (MentalFloss)


Many people now wonder if an Ouija Board is even safe to use. Does it open a portal that shouldn’t be messed with? Does it attract malevolent spirits? While we can’t have a definitive answer for most of these questions, we can very well attempt to give some theories.

David Oester from the Internation Ghost Hunters Society is against using the Ouija Board. He, like many other ghost seekers, believe it is an unprofessional use of technology for investigations. He is also in the belief that it can be dangerous to use a device such as this without knowing how to properly operate it. By calling out for spirits to come into a space, if one does not know how to close a portal, those spirits who did not belong there in the first place could stay. That being said, it may be okay to use if the person operating it knows how to close the opened portal.

As a Ghost Seeker, I personally believe this. Using an Ouija Board on an investigation has too many odds against it, and in an already haunted space without knowing what is haunting the area yet, it can be dangerous. However, if someone wants to use the Ouija Board in a place where they know they are safe and they know how to open and close the portal or means of conversation, I think it is okay to use. However, some people may not even do this.

With this being said, there is evidence that it may not even be spirits communicating planchettewith us through the Ouija Board. It’s called the Ideomotor Effect which claims that people can move or move something without their conscious mind realizing it. The University of British Columbia ran a study on the ideomotor effect and the Ouija board in 2012. The test had a subject sit at a Ouija board with another person and answer yes or no questions. The subject was blindfolded when using the board and the partner removed their hands from the planchette. The blindfolded subject moved the planchette alone, answering questions, but felt that they were exerting no force on it at all. The subjects answered more questions correctly than when they answered the same questions verbally — they did better when they believed they weren’t in full control of the planchette. This an example of implicit — unconscious — cognition, and experiments with the Ouija board. (Nerdist)

The debate of the Ouija Board still continues but it will be up to you, Paranormal Groupies, to decide on where to take that information.

Paranormal Explanations

Paranormal Explanation: What is a Residual Haunting?

If you are an active Paranormal Groupie, you have probably heard of the term, “residual haunting”, but what does it mean?

According to one theory or the traditional approach, a residual haunting is suggesting that a spirit duplicates an action continuously like a broken record because fragmented energy is imprinted in the surrounding area. This is a great thought but scientifically, it doesn’t make much sense. Instead, The International Ghost Hunting Society (IGHS) had a different, more scientifically plausible way of explaining this type of a haunting.

First, we have to understand a Space-Time Event Anomaly. To understand this, imagine a timeline running from left to right, the past is on the left and the future is on the right. Residual-Haunting.jpgWith this, we can represent each event in our lives as a single space-time event. Now, if this space-time event has a significant emotional impact such as traumatic death, space-time becomes frozen for a moment and the event will replay itself until it un-freezes. Why freeze? Well, the IGHS says that when a person dies, the intelligence, the emotions, the attitudes developed during mortal life stays with the spirit after the death of the physical body. So, the strong emotional feelings are a form of energy embedded within the spirit and the spirit will reenact this until that negative energy is gone.

Some others may suggest that it is not a spirit at all who is trapped in this cycle, but simply the energy that was formed in the event itself, almost like a time marker. There are many other plausible reasonings but it is still in the works of theory. However, odds are, if there is clear evidence that there is some paranormal energy but no intelligent response, or, if you get a response by a spirit saying they don’t know they are dead, you may be experiencing a residual haunting. As Paranormal Groupies it’s our job to figure out why these phenomena happen and how to better assess the situation. What we suggest is that if you find you are in the possible presence of a residual haunting is to let the spirit know that it is okay to move on and to offer prayers of any kind. These hauntings are not malicious and need more love and attention than anything.