Why I Became a Ghost Seeker

Why I Became a Ghost Seeker: Josh Aust

The truth is, I believe we don’t always choose what we’re going to be …sometimes it chooses us.

I was only 5 years old when my experiences began. Floating stuffed animals and shadow figures haunted me. All the while, other unexplainable “things” would just happen in my presence.

One of the most profound moments at this young age is when I awoke one morning, shivering from a bitter cold feeling. I slowly opened my eyes to see the bright sun shining through the window over my bed. I remember wondering “Why am I so cold, it looks warm outside?” As I turned from looking out the window to try and find my missing blanket, I found myself speechless and unable to scream. My missing blanket was floating in front of me!! Unable to scream and frozen in horror, I just stared for several moments… Then when I could dig up the courage, I jumped out of my bed and flew down the stairs as fast as I could.

Finally, able to speak, I started screaming and searching for my mom. “Mom!” I yelled, “There is a ghost floating in my room!” As I tripped through the living room door, I found her asleep on our old antique sofa. When she finally answered me, she said “Josh! I have to keep my eyes closed, when I open them all I see is dead people’s heads on the walls.”

As a five-year-old little boy, this is not something I asked for, in fact, … I ran like hell. Experiences such as this, and many others, have paved my way as a paranormal researcher. There have been countless times, that I’ve sensed the presence of something or someone, felt a change in the way a room feels or even knowing things, that I should not. Oh, here’s a good one, how about being able to find things that others have lost or misplaced, people that I don’t even necessarily know. Through my life I’ve been told to disregard these situations, because, it’s all in my head or its all fake or it’s the work of the devil and even stop it, you sound crazy….

Five years ago, I believe it happened again, in a small town In Upstate New York called Hamilton. My wife and I were enjoying each other’s company over a warm cup of cappuccino while waiting for the live music to begin. It was a small quaint coffee shop where the seating was very tight. And though I was paying close attention to what my wife was saying, I couldn’t help partially overhearing the couple behind us state that they needed someone that was technically savvy to help with their group. With my curiosity peaked I turned around an introduced my wife and myself, and asked just what type of technology they needed help with. After a short conversation and exchanging of numbers I was invited to their book signing, for their first book, Haunted Mohawk Valley.

My task was to review evidence from the most recent investigations.  This was unfamiliar territory even for a guy with a history of computers, audio video and home automation. The ultimate goal was to help organize and create a searchable data base for all of the evidence, EVP’S, Pictures, videos etc…  So, in the beginning, even though I was on the investigations, I was supposed to be observing instead of interacting. But, what we quickly realized, is that I was very sensitive to what was going on in these investigations. I could feel things and see things that we could back up with our scientific instruments. So, I soon found myself, as a team member of one of the greatest paranormal research groups in the United States, The Ghost Seekers Of Central New York.

It has been my experience in life, that in most cases, you choose what you would like to be-able to achieve or become, but every once in a while, it chooses you….


Keep Seeking

Josh Aust

Why I Became a Ghost Seeker

Why I Became a Ghost Seeker: Dennis Webster

why-i-became-a-ghost-seekerAs a child, I had been attracted to the malignant, the odd and the unique. While others would run from the praying mantis skulking on the rosebush, I’d feed it a fly. Pick a horror movie and I watched it, sitting on the floor Indian-style with my eyes glued to the flickering television screen. This propensity to go in the dark, the gothic, the unknown is what drew me to the world of the ghost. Perhaps it was myself dying as a teenager that fixated me on the other side. Being in this solid world, I’m curious as to where I went and what I did when I was not-of-this earthly plane.

Being a writer, and a published author, gave me the chance of a lifetime when I came across the Ghost Seekers of Central New York presenting their haunted evidence to a packed historical society in Utica. After the onslaught of dark seeker groupies dispersed, I introduced myself and pitched a book. A written chronicle of the adventures and evidence obtained in seeking contact from the other side.

I was thrilled to go along, and after a few investigations, I was asked to join the group as why-i-became-a-ghost-seekera paranormal investigator. Doing investigations in asylums, ancient churches, Victorian mansions and spooky theaters, is better than I ever imagined it would be. Hunting the spirits becomes addicting and teasing from the shadow people makes you want to meet them even more.

You can say that my obsession has become an addiction and a compulsion.  So why do I chase ghosts? Perhaps it’s to finally see my own dead spirit that left me years ago so we might be reunited. Or it might just be the opportunity to verify that we do indeed go on living after our earthly husks have rotted back into the dust of the crust.   


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Why I Became a Ghost Seeker

Why I Became a Ghost Seeker: Elizabeth

When I tell people that I’m interested in the paranormal they always give me a strange look, and why wouldn’t they? For starters, I look like the complete opposite of someonthe-addams-familye interested in the paranormal. I’m a burst of sunshine and rainbows. I have bright red hair, I love colors, and I’m an early bird rather than a night owl. Even though I love the sun, beaches, and flowers, I have an interest for the strange and out of the ordinary too. I call that part of me my alter-ego. When I was a child I was drawn to shows like The Adams Family or The Munsters. My favorite holiday was and always will be Halloween. One of the first horror movies I watched was The Exorcist and I was immediately drawn to the true story behind it. My family thought I was an oddball but they were also intrigued by my strange interests and wanted to see where they might be leading me to.

At the age of thirteen, I turned on the Travel Channel and saw a show that was on called Ghost Hunters. I was hooked. I was fascinated by the history of each location they went to, I wanted to ghosthunterslearn more about the scientific features of each bit of technology they used, I was pulled in by the travel aspect and getting to see the world, and I was mystified by the idea of a ghost and that you could actually try to capture evidence of one. I saw Ghost Busters before but that was a movie, I didn’t think you could actually go out and try to catch evidence of a spirit with this odd technology they were using. I started reading up on haunted locations and started to visit them myself. I had some odd experiences, sure, but nothing astounding telling me that a ghost existed. I was critical, to say the least, but something kept attracting me to the paranormal mysteries.

I started to read more on hauntings and the different types of them. As I did so my childhood memory began recollecting and I realized that I may have had a couple paranormal experiences without knowing they were possible spirits. Does something ever move in your room without a breeze? Do you ever see a shadow pass by too quick to see its full form? Do you ever hear a whisper but see nothing? I did, but I never knew that those questions are why people study the paranormal. I wanted more.

Needless to say, my nerdy brain took me to more exploration of history, hauntings, science, and more! The study of the paranormal is so much more than trying to find evidence of a spirit. From studying the paranormal we can explore new aspects of science, learn more about our history, learn about our psychology, discover answers to religion… and so on. To me, studying the paranormal is studying life, and that is why I became a Ghost Seeker.